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Environmental Education

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Within the environmental sector it is understood that people who participated in outdoor nature activities as children are more likely to have pro-environment behaviours and attitudes as an adult. Since the inception of CTEET in 2001 the primary aim has been to provide opportunities for the children of Cape Town to experience the outdoors and in the process to develop a curiosity and interest for the natural environment.

Over the years our scope has widened to focus on further development of individuals who are passionate about nature, hence offering support to schools to assist their conscious journey through our Sustainable Schools Programme. Our vision for a broader, deeper focus also gave rise to our Conservation Leadership Programme, which identifies youth who are passionate about nature and who could be developed to lead and effect change in their homes, among peers and in their communities.

Our focus on developing behavioural change is strengthened through the educator’s own personal journey to sustainable practices. Their engagement and learning is passed on through practice and implementation at their schools. Educators firmly rooted in sustainable practices are better able to engage their learners and lead whole-school involvement.

Schools are offered a diversity of immersive nature experiences and are supported in starting environmental projects on the school grounds. Hands-on activities of this nature are often seen as the first step in the reconnection with the natural environment. To strengthen this association we run environmental programmes in the schools linked to action projects and environmental calendar days.

For more details on our programmes and offerings visit: Changing Lives Through Nature

Our Environmental Education Programme Includes:

Overnight Camps

Many an adult can attest to the fun and influence an outdoor camp had on them in their childhood with some pursuing a career or participation in environmental activities in their later life as a result. We make these opportunities available to children, many of whom will, without our intervention, never have the experience because of a lack of finances or school coordination.

Day Programmes

We offer 1-5 hour programmes for schools, linking these to environmental celebrations such as arbor-day and water-week. The programmes offered are linked to the curriculum and give additional support to teachers with worksheets and activities designed to help assess the learning outcomes. We offer the programmes at our camp sites in Zeekoevlei but these programmes can also be run at the schools for an entire grade or as an outing.

Conservation Leadership Programme

CLP_03The Conservation Leadership Programme was born out of a desire to identify in-school youth who are passionate about the natural environment and who would like to play a role in effecting change in their homes and communities. Children are brought onto the programme when in Grade 6 (11-12 years of age) and through regular interactions are nurtured over the remaining seven years of their schooling career.

Sustainable Schools Programme

DSC_0323In support of the Western Cape Education Department’s Greening initiative, CTEET’s Sustainable Schools Programme aims to improve environmental learning, develop young people’s participation, and for the learners and educators to contribute positively to their school, community and the environment. We provide multiple platforms for young people to explore nature and identify their role in environmental protection, coming together to actively address environmental issues. Lastly, to improve the quality of school settings, thus to enhance learning, enjoyment and positive behaviours. Through teacher training workshops we build a community of learning and shared experiences, such that we have a bottom-up, ground swell of environmental activism.


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