South Africa launches a day to honour Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are critical to protect and restore marine eco systems, which are under threat from the impact of human activities such as overfishing. These are areas set aside for long-term conservation aims. The efforts offer nature-based solutions to support global action to curb climate change and other negative impacts.

MPA Day on 1 August 2021 gives us an opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of the oceans, Earth’s lifesource. It is a day to stop, take time to learn more and appreciate the value of MPAs and how they benefit both us and the incredible marine biodiversity they are designed to protect.

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Join the drive to protect 30% of the oceans to provide properly for the future of ocean wildlife and ocean health.

The UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 is about conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas and marine resources. Learn more here