…aaaaand, ACTION!

Three Conservation Leaders from Cape Town Environmental Education Trust’s Conservation Leadership Project have taken action by starting their own environmental projects at their schools or in their communities. These young changemakers have been awarded micro-grants, which will enable them to carry out their missions.

In partnership with the Table Mountain Fund, CTEET was able to offer these micro-grants to learners who have a clear and sustainable project plan. Five learners applied and from those applicants these three learners got funding for their projects:

Bilqees Cupido – PVC and Me

The purpose of the PVC and Me project is to empower learners at Steenberg High School to become leaders for positive environmental change. Bilqees plans to achieve this through multiple clean-ups, an eco-brick collection campaign and an eco-brick bench build. Planned monthly activities include raising awareness of plastic pollution to encourage whole school participation.

Jumah Alih – Livingstone High School Indigenous Garden

Jumah plans to plant locally indigenous plants at his high school to create an inviting space to be used for outdoor educational sessions, as well as a place for learners to enjoy. Learners will be responsible for the planting and maintenance of the garden. Monthly activities include raising awareness to encourage whole school participation.

Anastacia-Lee Matthee – Parkwood Go Green Garden Project

Anastacia is creating an inviting space that can be used as both an educational tool, as well as a place for Parkwood community members to enjoy and harvest vegetables. Outdoor educational sessions will be hosted around the garden. Community youth will be involved in planting locally indigenous plants and vegetables and maintenance of the garden, with monthly awareness-raising drives and clean-ups to encourage community participation and a sense of pride.

“CTEET’s Conservation Leadership Project was born out of a desire to identify in-school youth who are passionate about the natural environment and who would like to play a role in effecting change in their homes and communities. All three of these projects – and the learners driving them – are focused on engaging with their communities, be it in their school or in their neighbourhood, creating a support network to ensure that their projects stand every chance of being sustainable endeavours. CTEET is also developing a stronger relationship with both Steenberg High and Livingstone High in order to ensure the projects are built upon and sustained in the years to come. Providing mentorship to these learners and nurturing these projects aligns with CTEET’s mission to grow responsible citizenry,” says Karen Merrett, Connect to Nature Project Manager at CTEET.

Bilqees shared some photos of the workshop she hosted at Steenberg High School.