Next stop, Limpopo…

In May, CTEET’s education staff had the privilege of travelling to Limpopo to conduct a series of teacher training workshops alongside our new implementing partner, the Lapalala Wilderness School. The purpose of having a team there was to create and provide support to schools that have successfully registered and are interested in joining our Sustainable Schools Programme that opened for registration in March 2021.

Our education team had the opportunity of engaging with 40 schools, represented by 76 teachers, over three days. With the assistance of Lapalala Wilderness School’s eco-school coordinator, Lucas Ngobeni, each interactive session consisted of an in-depth explanation of what the Sustainable Schools Programme is and the unpacking of projects that schools could implement.

Additionally, the sessions provided an opportunity for teachers to participate in group discussions, as well as a fun, educational lesson focused on the importance of our biodiversity. Through the use of a creative lesson, teachers were able to step into the learners’ shoes and create their very own food webs using string and pieces of paper. This simple activity not only provided an example of the activities teachers can incorporate in their classrooms but also allowed teachers to have a moment of liberation and fun! For many of the teachers, this was an enjoyable, new and nostalgic experience, feeling like students again.

To date, 26 of the 40 schools represented at the workshops have successfully registered for this year’s programme! At CTEET we are delighted to be working with these incredible schools and we look forward to hearing of the many success stories.