Checking in at Muizenberg East Conservation Area

Grysbok rescue and relocation – On 14 May a distressed Cape grysbok was reported on a plot within Capricorn Business Park that was being prepared for development. The CTEET conservation team was called out and conducted an emergency capture. The capture was done successfully with the assistance of the SPCA, the CCT Veterinarian team, Zandvlei Nature Reserve staff and CTEET volunteers. The spirited grysbok was relocated to Muizenberg East Private Nature Reserve, a neighbouring section of the Muizenberg East Conservation Cluster.

Night search and rescue – On 17 May the CTEET conservation team rescued several plant species on the same plot at Capricorn Business Park scheduled for development. That same evening, along with volunteers, the team conducted a night search and rescue at the site. The indigenous vegetation was scoured to rescue a variety of species that would be unlikely to relocate themselves timeously. At the end of the night the tally of rescued animals was 19 Cape dwarf chameleons, 2 marbled leaf-toed geckos, 4 spiders and 5 caterpillars. The rescued species were relocated to several other undisturbed areas within the park.