For World Water Day the CTEET staff answered global leader, entrepreneur and adventurer Mina Guli‘s call to join the #WorldWaterRun. This year the theme was #ValueWater. The challenge, which took place from 16 to 22 March 2021, called on all and sundry to act as a global community of water savers. We had seven days to complete a collective distance equal to the circumference of the world (40,075km).

We formed a CTEET Club and decided to run the length of the Breede River, which is 337km. We also challenged our friends and family to join in the fun of running or walking to highlight the value of water. Due to the fantastic support from near and far, we did it and collectively covered 485km!

Not only did we smash our goal, but the world goal was smashed 8-fold! Yes, collectively we ran eight times around the world – a distance of 320,000km. Participants from 132 countries made this possible.

The fact that water is a finite resource is underestimated the world over. It is indeed a global issue and affects everything we do, from everyday living and sanitation to production, transport – in fact all economies!

Let’s live today making every drop count to ensure we have water tomorrow.