International Day of Action for Rivers

What can you do to protect and conserve our rivers?

These are just a few ideas…

Join/Initiate a clean-up

Lots of litter is washed down drains and into our precious rivers. Adopt an area in your neighbourhood or along a local river and collect plastic and other waste, preventing it from finding its way into our waterways. Challenge your neighbours to do the same.

Shop responsibly

Use biodegradable cleaning products and avoid chemical products for body washing. All these chemicals, which are washed down during the bath and through the drain, reach our waterways.

Plant a “rain garden”

Your garden can stop the pollutants from flowing into the nearby waterways. By planting vegetation indigenous to the area around your home, you can contribute to filtering pollutants collected by the rain. The plants and soil will act as a natural filter.

Use a rain barrel

They collect the first flush of water during a storm, which is helpful because this first rainfall carries the most pollution. This water can then be released slowly into your lawn or garden, which filters the pollutants before they enter our rivers and lakes.

Pick up after your pet

Everything can eventually finds their way into our rivers and waterways. Pet waste transmits bacteria and parasites, and is rich in phosphorus, a major culprit in causing toxic blue-green algae outbreaks in rivers, which reduce the oxygen levels and kill fish and other beneficial living organisms.

Don’t litter

Throw trash in the bins or recycling bins.

Donate to CTEET to support our action.

Banking Details:

Cape Town Environmental Education Trust
Account Nunber: 272120456
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Kromboom
Branch Code: 051001

River Ambassadors working along the Doordrift Walk in Constantia