Night Search & Rescue at Capricorn Business Park

Kim Gordon, Site Manager at the Muizenberg East Conservation Cluster tells us about a night search and rescue conducted at the Capricorn Business Park to try and save as much fauna as possible before a new factory construction proceeds. “This is a reality of urban expansion and the steps we need to take to save as many lives as possible. We rescued and relocated – to another empty space within the park – an exciting total of 20 Cape dwarf chameleons, one western leopard toad, one cross-marked sand snake and a stick insect. Sadly the green spaces are getting fewer and fewer with more development, but we try to save what we can”.

She also tells us the camera trapping exercise in the Muizenberg East section revealed some exciting activity. “Sightings include water mongoose, Grysbok, and a porcupine. All pretty awesome sightings!” says Kim.