Battle on the Beaches

In November the learners from our Conservation Leadership Programme headed to the beach almost every weekend to collect nurdles. They collected an estimated 25,000 of these harrowing lentil-sized plastic pellets in one session! There are still masses of nurdles lining our beaches. Now that beaches are open again, please keep doing your best to collect them whenever you go to the beach.

  1. What you need: A bucket, a sieve, and a ziplock bag or container.
  2. Where to look: Start looking along the highwater mark. The nurdles will be pushed up by the waves onto the sand and will sometimes sit just under the surface.
  3. How to collect them: Fill your bucket with water and scoop some nurdle-filled sand into the bucket. The nurdles will float to the surface and you can scoop them out with your sieve and put them into your collecting container.
  4. Who do you give them to: You can drop your nurdles off at:

Shark Spotters in Fishhoek and Muizenberg, Two Oceans Aquarium at the Waterfront, and Kommetjie Surf Shop

Please write the date and location of your collection on the container.

All the nurdles will be weighed and recorded to quantify the extent of the spill. These will then be used to create building materials in a revolutionary new material which uses mixed plastic waste to create a concrete modifier as effective as construction sand. Find out more about Resin8 at