Cape grysbok capture operations were conducted at Milnerton Racecourse Section of Table Bay Nature Reserve on 13 and 16 November. In total, 10 grysbok were captured for release. These operations are planned as part of the environmental management of the conservation area. There are no natural predators occurring within the area, and therefore too many Cape grysbok are found on site. They are heavily browsing the Critically Endangered vegetation (Cape Flats sand fynbos) which the team is trying to protect.

In order to safely capture the grysbok, the team was divided into a drive line and a net line. The driving team formed a straight line moving together through the veld, driving the antelope forward towards the net. The net line held the net as high as possible while using their feet to anchor the bottom of the net to prevent the grysbok from escaping underneath.

As the antelope were caught in the net, the site manager and veterinarian, Dorothy Breed, scanned and chipped the antelope. The collected data on micro-chipped individuals was recorded along with estimated age, sex, and if females were lactating.

The net operators removed the grysbok from the net, but all lactating females were micro-chipped and immediately released again. All other grysbok were placed in transport crates. Five individuals were released at the Rietvlei Section of Table Bay Nature Reserve and five at Blaauwberg Nature Reserve.